None of these self-storage unit owners were ready for what they were about to uncover

Nicholas Cage’s $2 Million Dollar Comic Book

10 years ago a £2 million dollar comic book was stolen from the famous actor Nicolas Cage who is an avid comic book collector and has been known to spend copious amount of money to acquire rare collectables. A man accidently came across this comic book in a self-storage unit and it was returned to Nicholas Cage who was happy to say the least.

Space equipment

There was an auction war for an abandoned unit in the Florida the winner was shocked when he discovered a NASA rocket and a countdown clock. Items like these are not supposed to fall out of the possession of NASA and so was an incredible find.

Burt Reynold’s memorabilia

Burt Reynolds was a big fan of storing his collectibles in rented self-storage units, however a time came when he was unable to pay is rental fee so the owners put the self-storage container up for auction. The unit had lots of fascinating objects including a horse carriage, a canoe from the 1972 ‘Deliverance’ film, a Smokey and the Bandit toy car, and a 1955 letter from his physician. The memorabilia was put in a museum to give fans of Burt’s work an opportunity to see them.

Lotus Submarine car from James Bond

The Lotus Submarine vehicle that was used by Roger Moore in a James Bond Movie and is another valuable yet odd piece that was found in a self-storage container by a man in Long Island. The car ended up being sold off in an auctioned in 2013 together with other classic racing cars.

Grandma’s body

Normally when you go to a funeral and see the coffin getting lowered into the ground it denotes a sense of conclusion. On the other hand not everyone someone seems to think that this is the best approach and find other strange methods to make sure their love ones never leave them. In this instance a family concealed the body of their grandmother for 17 years.

Disembodied organs, or how NOT to practice medicine

The winner of one auctioned self-storage unit was stunned to learn he had become the owner of amateurishly preserved human organs. The unit contained the organs of over 100 people kept in permeable plastic cups and food containers. They were stored by a former medical examiner, who was fired in 2003 for filing incomplete autopsy reports. The organs are thought to have been taken from private autopsies done at local funeral homes.

32 pythons

For anyone who has a fear of snakes this would be their worst nightmare. Minnesota detectives who uncovered 32 ball pythons in a unit intended to be a breeding site for the snakes. Tragically, the pythons were dead. The lawyer’s office sought to file animal cruelty charges against the tenant. It is never a good idea to keep pets or animals in storage units.